Maintaining good health of your bones is essential as bones play a vital role in preventing various bone diseases, provides a frame to your body and protects various organs.
Gone are the days when thinning of bones used to occur only after a certain age. Now you can have a hunched look even in your 20’s if you have weak bones – and you can blame modern sedentary lifestyles for it. Whatever your age might be, follow these simple bone health tips

You Can Improve Your Posture And Get Rid Of Aches And Pains While You Sleep

In fact, sleeping “the wrong way” can really bring about health problems, so bad that we could mistake them for painful conditions like arthritis. That actually happened to me quite a few years ago (more on this later). That’s because our bones and posture are affected not only by how much sleep we get, but also by the body positions we adopt while sleeping.

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